River Pebbles and Bunker Wall Pack

Chico Spans
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Both the river pebbles and bunker wall substance as presented on Artstation 



Completely procedural River Pebbles Texture.

Inside you will find a neat and organized graph showcasing how to stack rocks in an organized fashion while maintaining correct heightmap blending, the pebbles are generated using a flexible pebble generator which is embedded in the substance.

Has a procedural water level setup.

Great for learning purposes, professional or personal projects.

Completely procedural Concrete Bunker Wall.

Inside you will find a neatly organized bunker wall substance graph for you to deconstruct and learn or use in personal or professional projects.

The graph will demonstrate how to create realistic looking micro details and how to specifically damage bits and pieces of your texture to get an authentic looking material

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River Pebbles and Bunker Wall Pack

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